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Number plate scam
regarding vehicle theft and hi-jacking.

There is a new number plate hijacking trend is brewing around town.These hi-jackers will stalk you to a parking lot or mall, after parking your vehicle, they remove your number plate and wait for you to drive off.

They then follow you and overtake you, displaying your number plate out of their window as if you had lost it and they want to give it back to you. Shocked that your number plate has fallen off your car, you bring your vehicle to halt to get it from them.

This is all they want you to do and by the time you realize what happened it is too late, your car is either hi-jacked or your cash/belongings stolen and you could be raped/killed.

Please don't just stop for any thing; a number plate is valueless compared to your life. Think what is happening before you react to it.

Criminals are clever and cunning but are very ruthless in getting what they want. Share this with others as well.